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What is Blaquejack Studios

A working, contemporary fine art & creative studio that embraces the motto "Dare 2 Differ". BJS mission is to introduce audiences to contemporary art at affordable prices. BJS supports social justice and human rights issues. We believe in spreading the word and working toward making our city and state better and creating a better tomorrow worldwide.

My art does not follow a particular style, discipline or school thought. I create because it is my interpretation of concepts, ideas, dreams. A response to my environment and everyday life. I don't confine myself to one medium or technique. I let the piece speak to me and tell me what it wants. There have been many times that I have worked a concept in my mind and sketchbook only to have a different interpretation when I start the actual piece. I have learned not to fight but to trust this feeling, that intuition that guides me to completion. I'm always pleasantly surprised of the outcome. As I continue this journey I will see and learn different techniques, work in different media and learn from my interactions with the world and my work will reflect that. Life like art is an incredible journey filled with highs and lows and constant change, but it's not about the destination but the journey.

I don't create art as an investment. If you are looking to invest, then invest in the artist. Support their passion, believe in their dream.

- Oliver, Blaquejack Studios

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