About Me

Buon Giorno! Nice to meet you.

Who am I?

I'm Oliver, the artist/creative behind Blaquejack Studios. I feel everyone should be able to enjoy quality, thought provoking, emotional connecting art, and not just in museums. I have studied at International Business College, Herron School of Art, UMUC. I’ve trained with my mentor, The Artist Kevin J. Wilson, and in Europe under German artist/designer Brigitte Guhle. I've study photography cutting my teeth in both commercial and portrait work. I’m a current Artist in Residence at Artmosphere in St. Petersburg, FL., current member of Warehouse Art District Association (WADA ), St. Petersburg, FL., a former member of The Factory St. Pete, St. Petersburg, FL and of The Stutz Artist Association, Indianapolis, IN,. Each of my different instructors, peers, and friends from across the world have had a significant and profound impact on my art and my appreciation of the values of different and unique cultures.

What I do?

I create mostly 2D art. I work in oil, acrylic and mixed media. I create sketches (drawings) using graphite, charcoal and pastels. I also dabble in photo manipulation and digital art.

How do I do it?

I have worked long and hard over the years honing my skills and acquiring a level of proficiency. Learning different techniques and styles is a life long adventure of challenges and discoveries. Learning different facets of art and challenging myself with new & different ideas is a journey I passionately enjoy. Art should resonate with you. Bring it into your home, your life because it matters to you, because it makes you happy😊.